Long waiting lists and health care spending – The example of cholecystectomy.

Long waiting lists and health care spending – The example of cholecystectomy.

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Quelles sont les répercussions économiques des délais d’attente dans la prise en charge de vésicules biliaires symptomatiques? Un article eclairant.

Une prise en charge rapide est la garantie d’une baisse sensible des frais globaux et de conséquences moins lourdes pour les malades. Un travail dont on pourra s’inspirer en Suisse pour différencier l’efficacité économique de la prise en charge dans le public ou le privé.

Ci-dessous, l’abstract du papier disponible en consultation payante sur PubMed :

Ann Ital Chir. 2014 May 5;85. 
Long waiting lists and health care spending The example of cholecystectomy.
Palmisano S, Benvenuto C, Casagranda B, Dobrinja C, Piccinni G, de Manzini N.

Cholecystectomy is among surgical procedures with the longest waiting list and a significant amount of patients waiting for surgery suffer from symptoms related to complications of cholelithiasis. The aim of this study is to evaluate the economic impact caused by waiting lists.
A retrospective study was performed on patients undergoing intervention of cholecystectomy. 86 patients were included in the study. A comparative analysis was carried out among patients without complications (group A) and patients who faced complications while waiting for surgery, therefore requiring unplanned hospital admissions (group B), and patients who were operated in emergency for complications (group C).
The overall cost of health care amounted to 1.849,4 € for each patient of group A, 3.513,2 € for each patient of group B and 2.584,6 € for each patient of group C. Each patient of group B was about 1.9 times more expensive than an asymptomatic one (group A) and about 1.36 times more expensive than one operated in emergency (group C). The conversion rate of the groups was not statistically significant, whereas the length of hospital stays was: patients in group B had longer hospital stays compared to patients in groups A and C.
Early laparoscopic cholecystectomy for complicated cholelithiasis is the cheapest treatment considering the costs of health care, causing lower social costs related to absence from work and an improved perception of the quality of life.